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Allergy Tests 05-11-2014
Patient Test Collection Instructions

Allergy testing determines what substances (allergens) may cause you to experience allergic reactions such as sneezing, a runny nose, hives, eczema, and sometimes asthma attacks.

Faeces Collection: Occult Blood 27-05-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions

This test is useful in detecting whether blood (which may not be visible to the eye) is present in your faeces which can be an indication of infection or disease.
This test requires you to collect a sample of your faeces.

Hydrogen Breath Test (HBT) 12-07-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions

This test is used to diagnose intolerance to lactose and/or other carbohydrates (such as sucrose, glucose,xylose, lactulose, fructose, and maltose).

Collection for Breath Hydrogen and Methane Testing is performed at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Principal Procedural Centres. For your nearest centre and to make an appointment, please telephone Patient Services Support on 1300 732 030.

Sputum collection 12-07-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions
Sputum is a secretion formed by the lungs and the lower airways (below the larynx, or voice-box). Examining sputum can reveal the cause of a respiratory tract infection (chest infection).
Urine Drug Screen (UDS) 12-07-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions

You have been requested to have a urine drug screen performed. This test is only performed at certain collection centres. An appointment is preferred. You will be given an appointment time at a centre close to you.

Quantiferon TB Gold Plus Testing 13-07-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions

Step by step collection instructions

Group B Streptococcus Test 18-08-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions
This test is performed on pregnant women to detect the presence of genital Group B Streptococcus- a bacterium that is part of the normal flora of approximately 30% of pregnant women but that can, rarely, cause life-threatening blood infections and meningitis in newborns. Group B Streptococcus can also cause disease in pregnant women, the elderly, and adults with other illnesses.
Sticky Tape Test 18-08-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions

During the night, pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis) deposit their eggs in the area around the anus.
In this test you will use a cellulose-tape slide (like the one illustrated below) to collect a sample that will be examined for the presence of pinworm eggs.

Faeces Collection: Helicobacter pylori 01-09-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions
This test examines your faeces for the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which can cause gastritis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach) or ulcers in the stomach and small intestine.
Salivary cortisol 23-09-2016
Patient Test Collection Instructions

This test requires a special collection kit.

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