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Therapeutic Drug Test 27-10-2017
Patient Test Collection Instructions
Measurement of therapeutic drug levels is usually only necessary for drugs with a 'narrow therapeutic window': that is, where too much of the drug may be toxic, and too little of the drug will be ineffective
Urine collection: Cytology 15-11-2017
Patient Test Collection Instructions
Note: The first specimen of urine for the day is not suitable for cytology. The specimen can be taken at any other time of the day.
Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) 01-12-2017
Patient Test Collection Instructions

This test measures how quickly a dose of glucose is cleared from the blood, and is used to diagnose diabetes. The test requires you to remain at the Collection Centre for 2 hours. You may wish to bring a book or magazine to read while you are waiting. An appointment is required for this test.

Blood Tests - Fasting 12-12-2017
Patient Test Collection Instructions
In the 3 hours after you eat, many chemicals in your blood undergo significant changes. These changes can also occur if you do not eat for an extended period (more than 16 hours).  Because of this, many blood tests should be collected in the morning after an overnight fast. Fasting means that you eat and drink nothing except water for 8-12 hours before your blood test.
Urea Breath Test (UBT) 12-12-2017
Patient Test Collection Instructions

This test examines your breath for the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which can cause gastritis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach) or ulcers in the stomach and small intestine.

Arterial Blood Gas 21-02-2018
Patient Test Collection Instructions

Blood for an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) test is taken from an artery. Most other blood tests are done on a sample of blood taken from a vein, after the blood has already passed through the body's tissues where the oxygen is used and carbon dioxide is produced.

Histamine Diet 13-04-2018
Patient Test Collection Instructions

A histamine-free diet must be maintained for the 24 hours prior to and during collection of 24 hour urine.

Semen Collection 19-04-2018
Patient Test Collection Instructions

Step by Step collection instructions.

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