Dr Daman Langguth







(07) 3377 8698

 Special practice responsibilitiesHead of Immunology Department ,Chair of SNP Partners, Member of Executive Advisory Committee, Chair of the Data Request Committee



















Dr Daman Langguth is an immunologist and Head of the Immunology Department at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology; he is also Chair of Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Partners. Dr Langguth is also a clinical immunologist visiting The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane.

He has particular expertise in the investigation of auto-immune disease, allergy, and immune deficiency and has special interests in idiopathic inflammatory myositis, vasculitis, IgG4-related systemic disease and e-Health.

Dr Langguth gained his medical qualifications at Auckland Medical School, New Zealand and then trained in rheumatology and immunology in Perth and Brisbane. He has Fellowships and memberships of the Australian Rheumatology Association, the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology, the Australian Medical Association, the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies, the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Dr Langguth is Chairman of the Board of Professional Practice and Quality of the RCPA; past Chairman of the Immunopathology Advisory Committee of the RCPA, Chairman of the Immunopathology MBS review of the Federal Government; an immunopathology standing expert of the Department of Health's Medical Services Advisory Committee; a member of the Autoimmune Working Party of the RCPA quality assurance program; and Immunology Editor of Lab Tests Online Australasia.

He is currently collaborating with The University of Queensland in research into the role of Pas n 1 in grass allergy as well as the variation in climate and how it affects allergy. Other projects include the role of NETosis in ECMO associated infection and demand for use of blood products and the use of anti-IL-5 agents in rare eosinophilic disorders.  Dr Langguth is widely published.


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