Biochemistry is one of the largest laboratories of its kind in Australia and its intelligent analytical systems are among the world’s most advanced. It has pioneered a great many ‘firsts’ – it was the first pathology laboratory in Australia to offer anti-mullerian hormone, the first with the HE4 ovarian cancer marker and the first, globally, to routinely offer the Enhanced Liver Fibrosis test.  It was also the first Australian pathology laboratory to introduce inductively-coupled mass spectrometry for trace elements and heavy metals testing and the first pathology laboratory to be NATA-accredited testing for PFOS and PFOA. 

Our biochemistry pathologists are listed below.

Our biochemistry pathologists

NameSpecialtyContact numberEmail
Dr David KanowskiClinical chemistry, endocrinology, toxicology(07) 3377 8779Email
Dr Lee PriceClinical chemistry, endocrinology, toxicology(07) 3377 8672Email