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Staff benefits

We are a practice of over 2500 employees and collect specimens each day from an area equivalent to half the land mass of the European Union (3,788,027km2). We are justifiably proud of our medically ethical standards and the commitment displayed by our employees in providing service excellence.

There are many benefits enjoyed by eligible employees, which include:

  • Flexible shift arrangements, as many areas of SNP provide service over a wide spread of hours
  • Providing greater flexibility in hours available to work
  • Opportunities for working part-time
  • Help balance work with family commitments or outside interests

Additional benefits for continuous shift rosters

If on continuous shift rosters, staff are entitled to:

  • Additional week of annual leave after 12 months of service
  • Any overtime performed is at double time
  • Penalty rates of 75% for work done between midnight and 0500

Access to more time off

  • TOIL (Time off in lieu)
  • Parental leave with paid maternity/adoption leave available
  • One weeks' long service leave in 8th, 9th and 10th year of service
  • Cashing out of personal leave (sick leave) which may be converted to time off

Career opportunities

  • Career opportunities within Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology and the Sonic group
  • Career progression with associated pay increases through our structured classification system
  • Teaching links to universities and TAFE colleges
  • Involvement with professional societies and organisations

Professional development

  • In-house training programmes for new staff
  • Support for conference attendance and presentations
  • Access to study leave and continuing education programs
  • Active workplace health and safety training programs

Promoting well-being

  • Free vaccinations
  • Employee assistance program*
  • Medicare rebates for pathology and radiography
  • Rebate for nicotine replacement therapy (QUIT programme)

*Employee Assistance Program

Professional, confidential and fully independent counselling service available to all staff and their immediate family members. Aims to assist with the resolution of personal and work related problems that may affect a staff member's work performance or their quality of life. Up to four counselling sessions per year available at no cost to any staff member wishing to use this service. Immediate family members wishing to use this service may also, receive free sessions out of the staff member's annual allocation. This service is completely confidential. Assure Programs counsellors are available Australia wide.

Other benefits

  • Cashing out of personal leave
  • Christmas gifts for staff

Participative employment relations

  • With staff representatives, management and unions involved in discussing employment conditions and issues