Pathologists A-Z

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NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Rebecca AdamsHaematologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8556Email
Dr Aliki AndreouHistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 4699 2069Email
Dr Robyn ApelHistopathology, breast pathology, endocrine histologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8411
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr James BennettHistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8656Email
Dr Marie Bertrand-Philippe HistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8605Email
Dr Andrew BettingtonHistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3878 0940Email
Dr Judy Bligh

Histopathology, breast pathology, gynaecological pathology, cytopathology

Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8626Email
Dr Evan BursleMicrobiologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8402Email
Dr Jeanine BygottMicrobiologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8402
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Claire ChambersDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8593Email
Dr Rachael ChambersHistopathology, dermatopathology, endocrine pathology, gastrointestinal pathology, neuropathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8571Email
Dr Sarah Cherian

Microbiology, infectious diseases,

Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8628Email
Dr Angus CollinsDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8647
Dr Diane CominosHistopathology, breast pathology, gynaecological pathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8509Email
Dr Rod ConradHistopathology, gastrointestinal pathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8324Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Gemma DaleyBiochemistry, clinical chemistry, endocrinologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8294Email
Dr Edwina Duhig


Tugun, QLD(07) 5507 9777Email
Dr James DuhigHistopathology, breast pathology, gynaecological pathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8405Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Anna EastmanHistopathologyToowoomba, QLD(07) 4699 2000Email
Dr Rhonda EdwardsDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8350Email
Dr Melissa EnglerHistopathology, breast pathology, uropathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8538Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Peta FairweatherHistopathology, breast pathology, gynaecological pathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3421 4403Email
Dr Lauren FurnasBreast pathology, genitourinary pathology, dermatopathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8314Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Rebecca Greenup


Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8455Email
Dr David GuardHistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8505Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr James HarrawayGenetic pathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8396    Email
Dr Michael Harrison

Medical Director

Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8658    Email
Dr Yasmin HarveyHaematologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8439    Email
Dr Anne HaughtonHaematology, blood bank,Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8448Email
Dr John HillCardiologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8758Email
Dr Kirsten HillsHistopathologySouthport, QLD(07) 5573 8805Email
Dr Peter Hutson HistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8251Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Manisha JadonHistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8627Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Lauren KalinowskiHistopathology, dermatopathology, breast pathology, gynaecological pathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8622Email
Dr David KanowskiBiochemistryBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8779Email
Dr Peter Kanowski


Townsville, QLD(07) 4727 5501Email
Dr Jan KencianDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8567Email
Dr Tee Beng KengHaematology,
platelet disorders and thrombosis
Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8579Email
Dr Carl KennedyImmunologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8640Email
Dr Kris KerrHistopathology, breast pathology, uropathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8330Email
Dr Bryan KnightHistopathology, gynaecological pathologyBirtinya, QLD(07) 5459 1402 Email
Dr Irene KrajewskaHistopathology, cytopathologyBirtinya, QLD(07) 5459 1400Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Jerome LaiHistopathology, cytopathologyBirtinya, QLD(07) 5459 1400Email
Dr Daman LangguthImmunologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8698Email
Dr Fiona LehaneDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8381Email
Dr Allan LimHistopathologyTugun, QLD(07) 5507 9704Email
Dr Kunawut Limarporn

Dermatopathology, soft tissue, cytopathology

Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8432Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Jill MageeDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3878 0940Email
Dr Preethi MathewHistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8774 Email
Dr Meryta May


Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8666    Email
Dr Andrew MayerHistopathologyLismore, NSW(02) 6620 1204    Email
Dr Kelly McClymontDermatopathology,
medical renal
Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8433Email
Dr Sarah McGahanDermatopathology, breast pathology, gastrointestinal pathologyLismore, NSW(02) 6620 1203Email
Dr Nick MusgraveHistopathology, gastrointestinal pathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8358   Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Iram NaazHistopathology, haematologyCairns, QLD(07) 4051 5922Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Blake O'BrienDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8408Email
Dr Kacey O'RourkeHaematologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8303Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr David PapadimosHistopathology, breast pathology, gynaecological pathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8630Email
Dr Huong Phan


Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8521Email
Dr Louis PoolDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD
(07) 3377 8493Email
Dr Lee PriceClinical chemistry,
Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8672    Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Gary QuagliottoHistopathology, head and neck pathology, oral histologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8666Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Andrea RihaCardiologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8758Email
Dr Jenny Robson

Microbiology, infectious diseases

Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8506    Email
Dr Bev RowbothamHaematology, coagulation, malignant haematology
Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8632    Email
Dr David RyanDermatopathology Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8357    Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Teong SawHistopathologyTownsville, QLD(07) 4727 5553Email

Dr Natalie Scott-Young

HistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8548Email
Dr Jeffrey SearleHistopathology, gastrointestinal, liver, medical renalBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8404Email
Dr Sarah Sim

Histopathology, haematopathology, thoracic pathology; neuropathology, soft tissue

Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8646Email
Dr Jason SmithHistopathologyTugun, QLD(07) 5507 9777    
Dr Albertina SoHistopathologyToowoomba, QLD(07) 4699 2004    Email
Dr Anna SokolovaHistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8314Email
Dr Diane SpearrittHistopathologyToowoomba, QLD(07) 4699 2003    Email
Dr Lisa SquiresHistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8496Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Damien TaylorHistopathologySouthport, QLD(07) 5573 8888Email
Dr Karien TreurnichtHistopathologyBirtinya, QLD(07) 5459 1400    Email
Dr George TsikleasNeuropathology, soft tissueBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8522    
Dr Megan TurnerHistopathology,
medical renal, uropathology, neoplastic dermatopathology
Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8502    Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Margreth van AartsenDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8364    Email
Dr Patrick van der HoevenHistopathologyLismore, QLD(02) 6620 1202Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Corrine WallaceHistopathology, general pathologyCairns, QLD(07) 4053 0709Email
Dr Sarah WallaceDermatopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8491Email
Dr Kevin WhiteheadDermatopathology,
ophthalmic pathology
Brisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8655Email
Dr Ann WhitehouseHistopathology, breast pathology, gynaecological pathology, cytopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8472Email
Dr Joe Whitfield HistopathologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8314Email
Dr Jeffrey WinslowHistopathologyToowoomba, QLD(07) 4699 2002Email
Dr Helen WordsworthHaematology, coagulation, cytogenetics, malignant haematologyBrisbane, QLD(07) 3377 8639Email
NameSpecialtyLocationContact NumberEmail
Dr Jian ZhongHistopathologyTugun, QLD(07) 5507 9777Email