Community and facility surveillance COVID-19 testing

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology (SNP) has been engaged to provide testing for COVID-19 within your facility.

We are pleased to provide this important pathology service and recognise the unique challenges in that COVID-19 testing involves within a facility such as yours.

Community and facility surveillance COVID-19 testing Hotline (07) 3377 8666

Contact us for service support and assistance, testing, or to order printed copies of our testing response plan and/or checklist.

COVID-19 Testing Response Plan 

The COVID-19 Testing Response Plan poster provides a step-by-step guide in the event of a suspected case of COVID-19 within your facility.

Download your testing response plan

Community and facility surveillance Checklist

A detailed checklist is to be completed in the event a suspected case is positive.

This measure is to be implemented to help ensure an efficient process in the subsequent testing of all other residents, patients, poeple and/or employees on site.

Download your checklist