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eOrder SMS service


Send pathology requests to your patient's mobile with eOrders

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Clinics must use Best Practice or Medical Director to access this service. Patient files must contain valid mobile phone numbers for successful SMS delivery.

Histopathology, cervical screening test (CST) and swabs for MCS and PCR (excluding COVID-19 PCR) are excluded from this service.

No, there are no costs to the practice nor the patient for using this service.

For successful SMS delivery, patient mobile numbers must be recorded without spaces or international dialling codes in your practice management software. Successful SMS delivery relies on the correct mobile phone number, the SMS service provider and mobile phone carrier.

 To maintain patient confidentiality, please reconfirm patient mobile numbers at the time of creating electronic pathology requests.

No further action is needed. Clinicians may continue to send pathology requests via SMS to their patients, as long as ‘telehealth’ is included in the clinical notes of their eOrder requests.

Convenient ways to opt out

SNP recognises the need for clinicians and their patients to choose how they send and receive pathology requests.
Our eOrder electronic requests service now includes a simple and convenient way to opt out.

Clinicians may opt out of the eOrder SMS service simply by entering the text NO SMS in the clinical notes of electronic pathology requests.

  • The note may be added in conjunction with other clinical notes.
  • It does not have to be listed in any particular order, e.g. it may be included before or after other clinical notes.
  • The note is not case sensitive.

Opt-out instructions will appear on all SMS messages sent to patients who have been referred for pathology via eOrders:

  • Patients should follow the opt-out instructions included on the eOrder SMS.
  • Once a patient has chosen to opt out, they will no longer receive eOrder SMS messages from SNP, and will instead require a printed pathology request form.
Updated Thursday, 29 December 2022