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Investigative protocols

View our library of investigative protocols to assist in the management of patient care.

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  Warfarin management

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  General biochemistry

Abbreviation IP Title Date

Causes of low plasma bicarbonate 

IP051 2020-01

Causes of high plasma bicarbonate

IP052 2020-01

Causes of hypercalcaemia

IP081 2020-01

Evaluation of hypercalcaemia

IP082 2020-01

Evaluation of hypocalcaemia

IP083 2020-01

Causes of an elevated CK

IP111 2020-01

Suggested diabetes screening flowchart

IP092 2020-01

Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR)

IP061 2020-01

Investigation of familial hypercholesterolaemia 

IP163 2020-01

Evaluation of hyperglobulinaemia

IP101 2020-01

Evaluation of hypoglycaemia 

IP091 2020-01

Venesection for haemochromatosis

IP406 2020-01

Evaluation of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes (LDI)

IP504 2020-09

Cardiac enzyme changes during myocardial infarction

IP112 2020-09

Causes of hypomagnesaemia (magnesium < 0.7 mmol/L)

IP084 2020-01

Metabolic syndrome

IP093 2020-01

Causes of hyperphosphataemia

IP086 2020-01

Causes of hypophosphataemia

IP085 2020-01

Evaluation of polyuria

IP071 2020-01

Causes of hyperkalaemia

IP033 2020-01

Evaluation of hyperkalaemia 

IP034 2020-01

Causes of hypokalaemia 

IP031 2020-01

Evaluation of hypokalaemia

IP032 2020-01

Screening for proteinuria and chronic kidney disease (CKD)

IP611 2020-01

Causes of hyponatraemia

IP022 2020-01

Causes of hypernatraemia

IP021 2020-01

Evaluation of hyperuricaemia 

IP171 2020-01
PBS criteria for Evolocumab (PCSK9i): Familial
homozygous hypercholestolaemia
IP164 2020-09
PBS criteria for lipid-lowering drugs: Patients other than very high risk IP162 2018-08
PBS criteria for lipid-lowering drugs: Very high risk patients IP161 2018-08

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  Warfarin management

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  Patient notes

Abbreviation IP Title Date

Faecal occult blood testing 

IP605 2020-01

What is Barmah Forest Virus?

IP500 2020-01

What is blastocystosis?

IP600 2020-01

What is cryptosporidiosis?

IP601 2020-01

What is giardiasis?

IP602 2020-01

What is listeriosis?

IP603 2020-01

What is parvovirus infection?

IP502 2020-01

What is Ross River Virus?

IP503 2020-01

What is norovirus infection?

IP627 2020-01

What is adenovirus?

IP628 2020-01

What is astrovirus?

IP629 2020-01

What is rotavirus?

IP631 2020-01

What is sapovirus?


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