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Standardising pathology data

We are adopting a universal standard to improve the way health information and data is exchanged among clinicians and care teams. The standard is an agreed national framework known as Pathology Information, Terminology and Units Standardisation (PITUS). This initiative is backed by the Australian Government, and is in accordance with recommended guidelines and best practice.

The first release was published in September 2023 and changes will continue to be made in phases. There will be small adjustments to test names and electronic reports, and there may be minor visual changes on cumulative patient histories, depending on your practice management software.

Test Release date Previous code New code
HbA1c 5 December 2023



Transferrin saturation

5 December 2023



Non-HDL cholesterol 5 September 2023



Total cholesterol/HDL 5 September 2023



For more information on PITUS and LOINC codes, please refer to the RCPA’s dedicated information pages.

Pathology termination and information standardisation

The international standard for identifying health measurements, observations, and documents

Updated Wednesday, 29 November 2023