Results and added tests

katie-600px.jpgOur Doctor Services Centre assists clinicians and their staff with pathology results, added tests, stores orders, publications as well as all other general enquiries.

For more information, please contact us:

Phone 1300 SNPATH (1300 767 284)

Fax (07) 3377 1908


Pathology results

Our Doctor Services Centre assists clinicians with pathology results enquiries over the phone. 

After contacting us, pathology results are forwarded via your preferred delivery system.

Phone 1300 778 555

For patients seeking to access their own pathology results, please email

Added tests

Clinicians may be able to order additional tests post-collection, as long as patient specimens are in storage and still viable. 

To request an additional test on an existing request, please contact (07) 3377 8528.

Alternatively, you may add tests online using Sonic Dx.