Our Locations

We have more than 400 accredited collection centres spanning Queensland and parts of the Northern Territory and New South Wales.

To find a location near you, scroll through the map, use the list to the right of the map or click on the search icon.

To make searching easier, there are pre-filtered maps listed to the left of the map. These display centres that are open on weekends, payment centres or centres where commonly requested, specialised testing is performed. Select the relevant map from the menu on the left, to search for your closest centre.

Can't find what you are looking for?


Click here to watch a short video on how to search, or follow the instructions below.


If there is not a pre-filtered map available for the test you are looking for, click on the magnifying glass on the map below to perform an advanced search.


  • Click on the magnifying glass
  • Select 'specialised tests' from the dropdown menu and then type the test name into the search field
  • In the distance section, enter your location and distance you are willing to travel
  • Finally, select  'search' and the list of centres where your test is performed will be shown on the map and in the list to the right