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Splash Page Cc Koko Op 2Children and pathology

Our littlest patients sometimes need some extra support when they come in for pathology testing.

Meet the SNP Brave Bunch and learn more about what to expect.



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Meet The Brave Bunch

Meet our kooky collection of SNP employees - The Brave Bunch!

Activities And Fun

Activities and fun!

Download colouring-in sheets and activities featuring The Brave Bunch.


Visit the library

We have put together videos and information to help you know what will be happening when you visit us for a pathology test.

Collection Centres 0 4 Yrs 2

Collection centres for little people

VIew SNP locations offering specialised paediatric collections for children aged 0 - 4 years.

Info For Adults

Information for adults

When taking your child for a pathology test, it is a good idea to explain why the test is necessary, and what is involved.