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The Brave Bunch

Welcome To The Brave Bunch TitleMeet our kooky collection of SNP employees - The Brave Bunch!

The Brave Bunch is here to help you understand what might happen when your doctor sends you for a pathology test.

Meet the team!

These fun little critters stumbled across our main laboratory and decided it was too much fun to ever leave - so we hired them! Now they are a much-loved part of our SNP gang.

Koala Name ID Tag

Koko the Collector

Pleased to meet you, I’m Koko!

I have always felt a bit different from other koalas. Sleeping and eating leaves all day just wasn’t for me. I wanted adventure, so one day I climbed down from my gum tree and went exploring. I came across a bright and colourful building and peeked through the window. It was a Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology collection centre.

I could see people helping people and thought, “that’s exactly what I want to do!” I went inside and asked for more information and ended up becoming a pathology collector. I think I’m brave by being adventurous and choosing to be different.

Emu Name ID Tag

Emmett the Courier

Hi it’s me, Emmett.

I’m an emu who’s built for speed but that’s not how I roll. I wanted to be a race car driver but I wasn’t exactly race track material because I am too cautious and stick to the road rules. That doesn’t matter now because I love what I do.

I zip around in my Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology courier car collecting specimens all day. I’m a brave and fearless driver but I’m always careful and take pride in my work.

Joey Name ID Tag

Booma the Health & Safety Advocate

Hi! I'm Booma, from Jimboomba!

One day I was hopping around and having some breakfast when I accidentally rested my tail on an ants’ nest and got bitten. OUCH!

I was very lucky that an emu stopped to help. Emmett the emu took me to a vet who fixed my tail with a bandage. While hanging out with Emmett he taught me how to be brave, so I want to help others and do the same.

Kooka Name ID Tag

Cookie the Bush Telephonist

G’day, I’m Cookie.

I love to laugh with my kookaburra mates and enjoy a good feed. One day I snagged a delicious sausage from a barbeque. As I was looking for the perfect tree to enjoy my treat, I dropped my sausage! Oops! It landed on top of a car driven by an emu. I followed this emu all the way back to the Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology laboratory.

I’m still looking for that sausage and I’m not giving up! As I continue my search, I keep myself busy by helping out at the front desk and answering telephone calls. I am brave because I never give up.

By the way, I’m pretty smooth on the phones!

Platypus Name ID Tag

Petunia the Water Quality Advisor

Hey, I’m Petunia the Platypus.

That’s right… a PLATYPUS, not a DUCK! I was out taking a dip at a new billabong when a duck swam up and started quacking at me. I had no idea what they were saying. I think they thought I was a duck, but I was too shy to say anything.

I could see a place in the distance called Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology. I went inside and asked if I could stay there until I learn how to speak 'duck'. Being able to speak their language will give me the courage to teach them the difference between us platypi and ducks.

Or, I can hide out until this whole duck thing blows over!

Possum Name ID Tag

Possum the Catering Coordinator

Psst… Possum here!

I used to hide out in the pot plants at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology. After dark, I’d climb into the canteen and enjoy the leftover muffins. This was easy for me, as I used to be a trained secret agent.

One night I made too much noise and I was nabbed by Waffles the wombat who was carrying out his night-time building inspection. He said if I liked food so much, why not help with staff catering? This was a brilliant idea because I’m an expert on food!

As a bonus, he said I could be paid in fruit salad! He had to admit I was very brave at climbing but suggested that I just use the lift instead.

Wombat Name ID Tag

Waffles the Night-time Building Consultant

I’m Waffles the Wombat and I’m here to help.

It’s a very well-kept secret but we wombats love science and maths. This knowledge makes us great tunnel-digging engineers and when I start digging, I just keep going. One day I started digging the perfect tunnel and popped up outside the Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology lab.

My perfect tunnel was noticed by the building management team and because I am nocturnal, they offered me the job of Night-time Building Consultant. It worked out really well, as I’m not afraid of the dark.