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My Health Record

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, in collaboration with referring doctors, is now able to upload pathology results to the My Health Record system.

Frequently asked questions

SNP can upload pathology results for episodes that are referred to us as an electronic order, known as an eOrder (or eRequest), that includes your Individual Health identifier (IHI) and the flag to indicate that you have given consent to your doctor to send pathology results to your My Health Record.

eOrdering is a pathology requesting application that sends an electronic file of your pathology request, the eOrder, to our laboratory information system. Some, but not all Practice Management Systems (PMS) in use by doctors, have the capability to send eOrders.

Your IHI is the single identifier that the My Health Record system uses to link your pathology results to your My Health Record.
To ensure that we have your correct IHI, it is necessary that the PMS embeds it in the electronic version of your pathology request. That is, we will only use an IHI that is electronically transmitted with the eOrder from your doctor’s database to ours. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • It prevents a patient’s results being uploaded to the wrong My Health Record.
  • It protects your privacy because the IHI is not visible during any part of the pathology request-test-report process.

We recommend that you discuss uploading pathology results with your doctor. They will be able to confirm that they are able to send your pathology request as an eOrder that includes your IHI.

When the pathology results are finalised and sent to your doctor, they will also be uploaded to your My HealthRecord. You will be able to see your results after seven days which is the agreed national approach.

The Australian Digital Health Agency provides comprehensive information about My Health Record.

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Pathology Tests Explained provides a comprehensive information service about medical conditions and pathology tests.

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Individual Health Identifier (IHI): Your IHI is a unique 16-digit number the My Health Record system uses to identify you. It also helps health care providers communicate accurately with each other and identify and access patient records. The Healthcare Identifiers Service, which is run by Medicare, manages the IHI database.

Practice Management Systems (PMS): Medical PMS is a category of health care software that handles the daily operations of a medical practice. It includes functions such as maintaining patient records, scheduling, reporting and billing. There are many PMS software in use by referring doctors and clinics.