Blood tests

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology staff attend to patients based on clinical criteria, therefore you may be called out of arrival sequence due to testing priorities or pre-arranged appointments.

You will be asked to lie down for your test if you:

  • Feel anxious about your test.
  • Feel unwell
  • Have previously fainted during a blood test.

Please notify the collector if you:

  • Meet any of the criteria above.
  • Feel unwell during or following your blood test.
  • Wish to lie down during your blood test.
  • Are allergic to medical tapes, isopropyl alcohol or latex

If you faint or feel unwell during or after your blood test, you will be asked to stay at the collection centre until you have fully recovered.


Test procedure

Step 1 A collector will insert a needle into one of your veins. The needle will puncture your skin and cause a small hole to form temporarily in the wall of your vein. It takes approximately 24 hours for this puncture site to stabilise. If you have a tendency to bleed or bruise, you should take extra care of your puncture site.

Step 2 After taking a sample of your blood, the collector will tape a cotton-wool dressing to your puncture site. Leave the dressing in place for 2–4 hours.

Step 3 After your blood test, please remain seated until the collector advises and assists you to move.

To help prevent bruising to your puncture site, do not carry anything heavy or undertake strenuous exercise within 24 hours of your blood test. Hospital patients should take care when using monkey-grips and walkers. If your puncture site begins to bleed, re-apply pressure to the area for another 5 minutes. Applying ice to the area will also help prevent bruising.

If you are concerned about your puncture site, please telephone Patient Services Support on 1300 732 030.

Our brochure ‘Privacy and Pathology’ explains how your privacy is protected throughout the pathology information life cycle.

Item number 34168 - Issue date October 2019