Salivary cortisol

Please read these instructions prior to starting your collection. This test must be performed at midnight (or requested time).


  • Relax for approximately 1 hour before collection of saliva.
  • Do not eat anything for 30 minutes prior to specimen collection.
  • Remove any lipstick.
  • No brushing or flossing teeth for 30 minutes prior to collection.
  • Inside the Salivette tube is a smaller suspended tube/insert. Do not separate these tubes – they must be returned as one unit. This is to avoid leakage from the insert, and the entire unit is used to centrifuge the sample.


  • Hold the Salivette tube and remove the stopper. By pushing the stopper slightly to the side while lifting the lid, the suspended insert will remain in place.
  • Do no touch the sponge inside the Salivette tube with your fingers.
  • Tip the sponge directly into your mouth.
  • Gently chew the sponge for 2 minutes. Keep the sponge in your mouth until you feel that you can no longer prevent yourself from swallowing the saliva produced.
  • Hold the saturated sponge with your teeth and return the sponge directly into the tube.
  • Close the Salivette tube firmly with the stopper.
  • Write name, date and time of collection onto the Salivette tube.

Keep the sample in the fridge prior to delivering it to your nearest Collection Centre.

For your nearest collection centre, please refer to your request form, visit our  Collection Centre Locations, or telephone Patient Services Support on 1300 732 030 if you have any questions regarding this procedure.

Item number 35604 - Issue date Janurary 2019