Semen collection

Semen samples are collected and tested Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and on Saturdays in some regional centres.

Before collecting your sample, please note the following location-specific information  


Samples collected in regional locations outside the greater Brisbane area:

Before you collect and deliver your sample, you must contact SNP to arrange a suitable time for sample delivery. The sample is to be collected at home, as our regional centres are not equipped for this collection, then transported immediately to the laboratory or collection centre as arranged in your phone call to us.

Samples collected within the greater Brisbane area

Collect your sample at home and then transport it immediately to the Bowen Hills Laboratory so that testing can begin within 1 hour of collection. Delay in transportation of your sample may affect the integrity of the results and any abnormal results may require the sample to be repeated. Alternatively, on site collection facilities are available at the Bowen Hills Laboratory and an appointment is required. Call the Patient Servics Support Centre on 1300 732 030 to book an appointment.

Samples can only be collected, received and tested at the Bowen Hills Laboratory between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday. (Not on weekends or public holidays).

Collection procedure

Step 1 Obtain a semen collection kit from your doctor or nearest collection centre.
Use only the container in the kit, as the use of any other container may affect the sample.

Step 2 Before you collect your semen sample, make sure you have ejaculated sometime in the last 3 – 7 days, but not in the last 48 hours. (Normal semen values are based on 2 – 7 days’ production of sperm by the testes.)

Step 3 Empty your bladder, then wash and rinse your hands and penis.

Step 4 Collect the sample by masturbating and ejaculating directly into the collection container, collecting all the semen you produce. Do not use condoms and only use the lubricant supplied as some condoms and lubricants contain substances that can adversely affect the sample.

Step 5 Screw the lid on the jar tightly. Record all the details requested on the container label.

Step 6 If a home collection, deliver the sample without delay. Please note that you must keep your semen sample at body temperature at all times. Do not refrigerate the sample or allow it to rise above body temperature (carry the specimen container in your trouser or shirt pocket to keep your sample close to body temperature).



Brisbane (Delivery or collection of specimens)
Bowen Hills Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology (Main Laboratory)
Reception, 24 Hurworth St, Bowen Hills (Mon – Fri 7 am – 6 pm)
(07) 3377 8666
Regional Areas (Delivery of specimens only)

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, 3 Doherty St

(07) 5459 1433


Friendly Society Hospital, 19 – 23 Bingera St

(07) 4155 4000


193 – 195 Abbott St

(07) 4053 0700

Coffs Harbour

80 Albany St

(02) 6648 2100


19 – 21 King St

(02) 6641 2200

Hervey Bay

Fraser Shores Shopping Centre, 79 Boat Harbour Dr

(07) 4303 2359


Suite 2, St Vincents Specialists Medical Centre, 20 Dalley St

(02) 6620 1200


Oasis Plaza, 118 Sams Rd

(07) 4942 5747


Ground Floor, The Rock Building, 102 Bolsover St

(07) 4923 9888


Premion Place
Level 8, Cnr High & Queen St

(07) 5573 8883

Suite 27, St Andrew’s Hospital, 280 North St

(07) 4699 2000


32 Fulham Rd, Pimlico

(07) 4727 5555


John Flynn Hospital, Boyd St

(07) 5507 9777


How much will it cost?

Bulk billing is not available for these tests. Please discuss the cost of this test when calling to make your appointment.


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