Urine collection: 5-HIAA

This test is used to measure a particular chemical, present in urine, that is secreted in carcinoid syndrome.

This test requires you to collect a sample of your urine.

Collection procedure

Step 1 Obtain an acid 24-hour urine collection container from your nearest Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology collection centre. For your nearest collection centre, please refer to your request form, visit our Collection Centre Locations, or telephone Patient Services Support on 1300 732 030.

The liquid in the collection container is an acid that preserves the urine sample.
DO NOT empty the container.
DO NOT allow your skin or eyes to come in contact with the acid.
DO keep the container upright to minimise the risk of spills.

Step 2 For 3 full days prior to collection and during the 24-hour collection period (4 days total) DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING CONTAINING banana, plum, passionfruit, grapes, kiwifruit, pineapple, tomato, avocado, nuts, eggplant, broadbeans,caffeine, alcohol or paracetamol.

Step 3 Decide on a starting time (e.g. 7.30am) and completely empty your bladder into the toilet at this time. Record this time as your starting time on the container. Collect in the container all urine passed for the next 24 hours. At exactly 24 hours after the starting time, empty your bladder into the container to complete the 24-hour collection. Record this time as your finishing time on the container.

You may start your collection at any time of day. Simply follow the above procedure, finishing exactly 24 hours after the starting time.

Step 4 Keep the container cool during and after the 24-hour collection period. If you miss any urine passed during the 24-hour collection period, or if you contaminate the collected urine with faeces, stop the collection, obtain a new container, and start again.

Step 5 Return the container to your nearest collection centre as soon as possible.


Item number 34038  Meridio 350351 Issue date May 2020