Urine collection: sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

This test examines your urine using a molecular amplification technique known as 'polymerase chain reaction' (PCR). The PCR testing process can detect the presence of bacterial and/or parasite DNA that might indicate that you have chlamydia, gonorrhoea, or trichomoniasis.

This test requires you to collect a sample of your urine.

Collection procedure

Step 1 Obtain a urine container from your doctor or your nearest Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology collection centre. For your nearest collection centre, please refer to your request form, visit our Collection Centre Locations, or telephone Patient Services Support on 1300 732 030.

Step 2 IMPORTANT! Ensure you have not urinated for preferably 1–2 hours before collection.

Step 3 Collect the FIRST PORTION of the urine you pass and fill the urine container until it is at least one-third full.

Step 4 Refrigerate the sample at 2-8c immediately and keep it refrigerated until you deliver it to the collection centre.

Step 5 Deliver the sample to your nearest collection centre the same day you collect it.

NOTE: If you doctor has requested an MCS as well as a Urine STI screen, ideally you would collect two separate specimens. A first catch urine for the STI PCR and a mid-stream urine for the MCS. If this presents difficulties, an acceptable collection for these two tests will be one
mid-stream collection.


Item number 34182 - Isue date April 2019