Urine drug screen

Accredited AS/NZS 4308 : 2008 Drug Screen

You have been requested to have a urine drug screen performed. This test is only performed at certain collection centres. An appointment is preferred. You will be given an appointment time at a centre close to you. For your nearest collection centre, please refer to your request form, visit our Collection Centre Locations, or telephone Patient Services Support on 1300 732 030.

On the day of the test, please bring with you a list of all prescription and non-prescription medication you have taken in the last month.

On the day of the test, you must follow a strict collection procedure, and you will be required to show one of the following forms of photographic identification:

  • a current passport
  • a current driver’s licence, or
  • adult proof of age card

Our staff are instructed not to perform the test unless photo identification is produced.

You will be given an information sheet prior to the collection. If you have any questions regarding the collection or test procedure, please do not hesitate to call the collection centre where you have an appointment or telephone our Patient Services Support Centre on 1300 732 030.

Before the test

Continue fluid intake as normal before the test.

DO NOT drink excessive fluids leading up to the test or results may be invalidated requiring a repeat collection. 

Collection procedure

Step 1 The collector will ask you to select a test kit. This kit will then be labelled with your name and a laboratory identification number.

Step 2 You will be asked to leave any bags, coats, or jumpers in a lockable cupboard (you will not be allowed to take any items into the toilet cubicle with you). The collector will then accompany you to the toilet.

Step 3 You will be asked to wash your hands before the collection (you will not be able to access water until after the collection). As this is a supervised collection, the collector will remain in the vicinity of the toilet while you collect your urine specimen.

Step 4 Urinate into the collection container until it is at least one-third full.

Step 5 The collector will then take the collection container from you and you will be allowed to wash your hands. Your urine specimen will then be divided into three test tubes under your direct supervision.

Step 6 You will be asked to complete some paperwork and sign some security labels, which will be used to seal the test tubes containing your urine specimen.

Step 7 The test tubes will then be sealed in tamper-evident bags and securely transported to our testing laboratory for drug screening.

After processing, the results of the drug screen will be issued to the person who requested the procedure.

The collection staff do not have access to the results at any time.

Item number 34051 - Issue date April 2019