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Genetic testing

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology offers a range of genetic testing services for individuals and families.

Supported by Sonic Healthcare's network of NATA-accredited laboratories, genetic testing can be booked via Sonic Genetics or DNA Labs.

  • Sonic Genetics - NIPT, Reproductive Carrier Screening, Familial and Cardiac Genetics.
  • DNALabs - Parentage (paternity) and relationship DNA testing.
Microscope Objectives 400Px

Sonic Genetics 200

Sonic Genetics offers a broad range of genetics tests, detailed explanations and supporting resources to allow clinicians and patients to make informed choices about medical decisions.

Covid 19 Serology

Dnalabs 200

Sonic Healthcare can provide parentage (paternity) and relationship DNA testing at DNALabs. We have extensive experience in legal, immigration and peace-of-mind DNA testing across Australia and around the world.